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Cassini Mission to Saturn artist rendition

Automatic Websites helps corporations and community organizations design and market mission critical solutions that exceed their goals.

We develop custom cloud based solutions for health and education and interactive voice response applications to help meet your business needs.  We have developed projects from Robotic Space Crafts for NASA to tools to help student learn math with hip hop music and robotics

We created virtual robotics classrooms to teach remote classes in the wake of COVID-19. Students are able to program and run simulated robots using their own computer or mobile device. No special robotics equipment or tools  needed. 


Client: Mt. Ararat Community Activities Center  East Liberty, Pa


We team with local schools and community centers to create AfterSchool and Summer Robotics Programs

Developed a curriculum that combines low cost smart phones, MIT App Inventor, and flying drones to teach mobile application coding and robotics to middle school and high school students.

X-PRIZE / “After Earth” Movie Competition – taught students to build custom LEGO robots to compete in an international competition. Students finished in the Top 10 and appeared in the “After Earth” Blu-Ray DVD.

Robot Algebra Project – combined the motivational effects of robotics and music with mathematics lessons, engineering design, and competition that promoted Algebra readiness.

Project: Wakeup Learn

WakeUp Learn is a fun, techie robotics channel that inspires students to wake up their hidden talents. We also share Inspirational stories and productivity hacks from amazing people.

Our mission is to inspire students to wake up their hidden talents. We employ various interactive technologies to help students excel; particularly in the areas of math and science.


Client: Honeywell (formerly Vocollect, Inc) Pittsburgh, Pa.

Develops voice activated, wearable computing devices for logistics and healthcare

Originally contracted to help fully redesign an J2EE enterprise application for wireless, wearable, voice activated computing devices. Also developed and taught training classes for employees and clients. Retained as lead to create design plans, estimates , and schedules to develop new handheld Windows C# prototypes that help nurses with patient workflows which resulted in two patents. Also, coordinated investigations of nurse call and McKesson Horizon Clinicals’ interfaces.

Technologies used: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), C# .NET 2.0, Agile methodologies (SCRUM) , Visual Studio 2008, Eclipse, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, AOP, AJAX, UML, SQL Server 2005, Oracle

Client: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Pittsburgh, Pa. Joint project with National Guard and IBM

Developed a pilot for a real-time terrorism response system that simultaneously locates and notifies thousands of physicians and emergency workers and determines the status of each hospital bed in Western PA. Wrote J2EE Portlets to access hospital systems and call web services that performed voice notifications. Led a team to devise an architecture conversion plan that enabled 30 .NET enterprise applications to work with the new expanded data model needed by the National Guard.

Technologies used: Rational Application Developer 6, J2EE, JMS, MQ Series, WebSphere 6.0, JSP, JSF Web Services, WebSphere Portal (JSR 168) , CMMI, UML, Oracle , C# .NET

Client: Los Angeles County Employees Retirees Association (LACERA) Manages over $20 Billion in assets for 120,000 county employees.

Description: Designed a java-based web application that enables websites to comply with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by making websites compatible with devices used by people who are visually impaired. This application saves over one thousand hours per year in manual updates. Also led a team that explored spinning off the application into a commercial product.

Technologies: Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Servlets, IBM WebSphere, JRUN 4.0, SQL Server, Linux, Windows 2000, MySQL, Natural Language Processing, Rules Engines


The Talking Math Coach helps students improve their math skills in just 12 minutes per day without a computer. All they need is an ordinary telephone or cell phone

AutoComply is a commercial spin off of a trouble-free software service that helps make your existing website compliant per Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


created / maintained original toolsets to publish the website. receives over 1 million hits per day

Created behind the scenes programming to automate website.

StanLee.net (creator of X-men)

  • Backstreet boys / Burger King Promotion (backstreetproject.com)
  • Created global user login/ registration /email system
  • Received over 5,000 registrations a weekStanZine (Online Magazine for StanLee.net)
  • created publishing tool to produce weekly e-zine automatically.

NASA/Lockheed X-33 Launch Vehicle 

X33 spacecraft

This is the prototype for the new space shuttle to be used by NASA in the 21st century. Developed a custom Field-Programmable-Gatearray (FPGA) using the verilog language for an Advanced Flight Experiment. When commanded, this FPGA reads data from the Advanced Gyro, Accelerometers, and Temperature sensors, then transmits the information back to the flight computer. This project has been transferred to the Air Force.

Local Internet Service Provider Design and Implementation

Developed a network of computers for a state of the art learning lab for a private elementary school called “The ExtraOrdinary Place” located in Los Angeles, Ca. just South of the Downtown area. Also built an advanced Dial-up Server network to allow them to provide Internet Service for the students, parents, and faculty.

Mars Pathfinder Review Board 

Mars Rover 1997

Served on the technical review board for Mars Pathfinder Rover. This was a two-day technical review board that reviewed the electronics design for the Rover. On July 4, 1997, The Mars Pathfinder Rover called “Sojourner” successfully landed on the surface of Mars.

Cassini Mission to Saturn 

Cassini Spacecraft

Automatic Websites (EJM Technologies) started out as a one person consulting company that primarily did work for Jet Propulsion Laboratories of Pasadena, Ca. The most notable work includes the creation of a custom operating system for a network of sixteen small computers that is used on the Cassini Spacecraft which was launched on its way to Saturn, October 15, 1997. It arrived at Saturn on July 1, 2004 at ran until September 2017.

Mobile Robot Experiment 

Robot Project

This robot was built for a project for Carnegie Mellon University. It is radio-controlled and uses a pulley-based tread design for mobility. It traverses rough terrain, including staircases.

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