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Edwin: Hello, everyone. It’s Edwin, from Wake Up Learn. Hope all is going well.Today’s story is about an extraordinary, amazing New Jersey principal, named Akbar Cook, who noticed that a lot of his students were being bullied for dirty clothes, and not having resources for cleaning their clothes. Some were homeless, you know, just lots of hard circumstances.
He took a straight forward solution, and opened up a laundry in the school … have five washers and dryers in the school, and allows the kids to wash their clothes. Since then, kids that were 85% absent, now come to school. A lot of the problems are just gone away. You can see, just from the story, that he’s really cares for the students, and they look up to him, and really keeps them motivated. It’s a great story.
We posted a link on wakeuplearn.com/inspiration. It’s a clip where he was on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Take care.

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