Motivation versus Technology

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The next topic I’ll call You Have Everything You Need, or Motivation Versus Technology. In all my years of working with students trying to teach technology and teach other subjects, many often lament about the lack of certain resources, whether it’s older computers or new technology, new programs, no robot equipment. All that helps, but if the student isn’t motivated it’ll just sit there. I’ve noticed that where I’ve seen students leave technology sitting there and play with the magic markers, which are obviously low-tech in comparison. So it’s always important to have motivated students rather than someone always saying you need this later technology and you need this. I mean it helps.
That’s the main reason why we do this at Wake Up Learn, like to show stories of students doing things. We found that the students really like listening to stories from students around their same age, around their communities and different parts of the world doing amazing things with sometimes very little. I mean, they talk about the stories of students building robots out of junk and students making things out of other spare parts. Just that type of attitude toward making things and just building things will get you out of the mindset that you always need to go buy the latest, because of course the companies, I mean that’s what they do, or we do, is to, “Oh, this is better.” It is, but it’s not necessary and it’s not the cornerstone for motivation. Motivation is the ability to make a difference and the belief that you can do something. So focusing on that will make all the difference.

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